Easy payment plans & methods


Check Availability First!

Please contact us for availability of services we provide. Then,AP Information will confirm the date you wish your ad campaign to launch. You will also be invoiced with instructions on how to send AP Information your payment and what materials (graphics, text) you need to supply.

Advertising is on a Pre-Paid basis only. Payments should be paid in Chinese RMB, Australian dollars and US dollars.

Please allow for the following lead times for your payment to be received by us when lanning your campaign launch date:

Credit Cards:
Visa, MasterCard
Online Bank Transfer
The fastest and best method. Takes up to only 1 day from anywhere in the world.

Wire Transfer
This method is recommended for all payments. You're credited.
Bank Cheques, Australian Cheques
This takes longer time depends on your postal location and postage paid..

On instant payment (credit card, online bank transfer, PayPal), we will usually deliver immediately, at maximum within 24 hours. On other payment methods, we deliver instantly after receiving the payment.